1:28 Institute

What is the 1:28 Institute ?  

The 1:28 Institute is a Sunday School cirriculum that we created based off of Colossians 1:28, which says: "Him we proclaim, warning everyone and teaching everyone with all wisdom, that we may present everyone mature in Christ." With the goal of maturity in Christ in mind, the 1:28 Institute was designed to give our people a chance to establish a high level of Biblical literacy. The courses offered take a deeper look into the Bible, theology, and ministry. 

Why does Turner's Chapel have the 1:28 Institute? 

Our desire to "present everyone mature in Christ"  can only be met, we believe, by looking deeper into the Word of God and learning from there how we ought to live in light of His truth. We believe that a good understanding of the Bible is crucial to Christian growth and discipleship. However, maturity is more than just gaining knowledge. Growth, wisdom and transformation come from studying God's Word in community with other believers, applying it to your life, and allowing the Holy Spirit to change your life based on this knowledge. The 1:28 Institute provides a starting point to make this a reality!

Does it cost anything? 

Absolutely not! Some classes may have a textbook for purchase, which is optional. If you're going for the certificate, then you'll want to purchase the book to do the take home work and study. But you do not have to pay anything to attend any of these courses! 

Current Classes: 

    New Testament Survey II

  • The books of Acts through Galatians will be covered in this second of three New Testament survey classes. The class is a CORE course and can be taken for credit toward a Certificate in Biblical Studies or just for personal enrichment. Many who have completed the NT Survey series have commented that it truly helped them gain a more thorough knowledge of God's word. Come check it out!
  • Instructor: Kyle Edwards

     Christ in the Old Testament

  • More than 700 years before Christ's birth, Old Testament Scripture not only predicted where and how the Messiah would be born; it gave stunning details of His life and death that leave little chance that anyone looking for the Messiah would surely know Jesus was that One. The class will compare and contrast Old Testament Scripture and prophecies with accounts from the New Testament gospels to validate Jesus "is" the Messiah and the Lord omnipotent in His plan.
  • Instructor: David Moore