Words from the Great Prophet

Isaiah's Satisfaction

Posted on February 18, 2018

Pastor Bruce teaches from Isaiah 55 on God's call to be completely satisfied in and transformed by Him. 

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Isaiah's Majestic God

Posted on February 11, 2018

Pastor Bruce teaches from Isaiah 40:9-31 and gives a glimpse at the majesterial greatness of our great God!

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Isaiah's Enemy

Posted on February 4, 2018

Pastor Bruce teaches from Isaiah 14 about how Satan works, and how the only way that he can be defeated is by Jesus Christ. 

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Isaiah's Future

Posted on January 28, 2018

Pastor Bruce teaches on the 1000 year reign of Christ on the earth from Isaiah 2 and various texts throughout Isaiah. 

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Isaiah's Call

Posted on January 14, 2018

Pastor Patrick teaches from Isaiah 6 about the call of Isaiah and it's source, preparation, and sending. 

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