Turner's Chapel has long sought to be a missions minded body of believers. Believing that the Gospel is meant for everyone everywhere, we take seriously the task of reaching the lost.

 Turner's Chapel currently gives 25% of its annual budget to missions in the local, national, and international fields. 

Current missionaries and missions supported: 

   Cross Cultural: 

  • Chris & Leah Gaertner - China
  • Haman Family - Slovakia
  • Tommy & Koni Logan - Papua New Guinea
  • Truhe Family - Indonesia


  • Caribbean Christian Centre for the Deaf (CCCD) - Jamaica
  • Billy Judson - India
  • International Partnerships Ukraine - Ukraine
  • A. Nas*eem - Paki*stan

   Home Missions: 

  • Bethel Colony of Mercy 
  • Bread of Life
  • Snowbird Wilderness Outfitters
  • Outreach Mission
  • Reach Out Crisis Pregnancy Center
  • Family Promise
  • David & Liz Roach